Thursday, 4 August 2016

Another Strumble Mystery...

Three of Strumbles finest! L-R ... Richard "Ricardo" Davies, Adrian "Wdig Birder" Rogers, Chris Grayell.

Above the birders! Brilliant stuff from Ken, shots of dolphins at least two miles away!Yep happy lead dolphin is a common... second dolphin is a bit of a mystery. Its possible the first is a calf and second a bigger adult, but fin seems a bit big as you say. Other possibilities include a Risso's but does not look quite right... Possibly one of the Bottles seen earlier. Wish I could be definitive, but with some things you just have to hold up your hands and say sorry, cant be sure, dont know! What I do know is Strumble never fails to deliver something of interest!
Had a chat with Adrian who found the Dolphins and who was using a powerful 38X Nikon Telescope confirmed he had seen a sub-adult Common Dolphin accompanied by two larger adults so  that would probably confirm my first thoughts on the subject!