Thursday, 4 August 2016

Strumble Diary 04/08/2016

Still a stiff breeze blowing after yesterday's gale leading to some large swells in the tide race. I arrived about 11:30 after spending an hour on the outer breakwater in a fruitless attempt to see our bottlenose dolphins. There was a lot of gannet activity out off Penanglas with a few porps below. Adrian Rogers + a few other birders were at the lookout and the report was of two bottlenose that passed through heading west around 8:30ish, possibly Appache and Ringo plus a sunfish. Cliff arrived soon after and we settled into the session. Sightings were sporadic with a few small groups showing for short periods. Lots of surf dudes due to the high swells but this made them hard to track. On a plus note Adrian spotted some commons nearly two miles off and I managed to get two very distant shots and on checking one may be a Rissos as it's larger and with a taller more pointed fin than the smaller Common in front of it. Cliff, a definitive verdict if you can please.