Sunday, 7 August 2016

Weather or not three types of Cetacean dolphins delivered, Common and Bottlenose and also Porpoises!

Caramba!... lovely day sunshine and warm.(to begin with!) Five o clock PM when we get together for our Dolphin watch.
Suddenly the wind increases and fog comes down with depressing drizzle ... What the hell chance do we have of showing our guests dolphins? 
Strangely enough and out of the blue they're there and they are right next to us, sailing close by the green Lighthouse.  

Porpoises also showed if a bit sneaky, but everyone got a glimpse.

The view was close if short but we produced the goods and everyone, the Lawson family with Rocky and also Marianne and Rich Jenkins won their reward and seemed pretty happy, as did my mate Zorro! So in the end everybody seemed pretty happy despite the weather!

Earlier Ken also had some Common Dolphins as did a lucky yachty! see  Kens post below...