Saturday, 3 September 2016

A bit more from last evening

As I didn't have time to process the images from this session last night I thought as the weather has cut the chances of a session today that I would save the post until this morning. As noted before,  there was a brief period of activity when a large group of porps made their way quite quickly through the tide race. A lot of "Dash & Splash" as they hunted down their prey as portrayed in the images below. While there, Ian the National Parks Warden for this area brought a group of about twenty people into the lookout on an organised "Walk and Talk" which they do from time to time. He very kindly gave me the chance to explain to the group what I was doing and what it's importance is and what Seatrust was hoping to achieve by way of conservation of the Porpoise habitat. They were all very keen to hear about the types of cetaceans we see and most were surprised by the variety of wildlife recorded off the lookout. Naturally I plugged the blog and Seatrust and hopefully the work we do will be further spread in the community. If you read this Ian, many thanks for allowing me to pass a little knowledge of what we do onto your group.
     Later I was joined by a family from Surrey who were also keen to know what was happening in the seas off the lookout. We spent a good half hour or so in conversation with me being able to answer lots of questions and impart my knowledge of the tidal flows, topography of the seabed and the wildlife we see. All in all a very enjoyable session.