Saturday, 3 September 2016

Strange Day Really

Not expecting anything today as the weather was abysmal I paid a visit to the Ocean Lab to give Cliff a batch of images. As the weather had just started to open out he suggested a quick look on the breakwater in the hope of seeing some Bottlenose. Off I went but alas all I saw were two seals and a lone porp bobbing up and down off  Pen Anglas. Cliff called and suggested may be Strumble would deliver so off we went with the tide well past it's best. Slow at first but we did see some activity off Mackerel point and a few porps moving through the race. We didn't stay long as the light was poor and other things beckoned. Cliff peeled off for home and I decided to take a look over the bay from the beacon at Harbour Village. Bingo!! A bottlenose off the breakwater. A call to Cliff had us both off to investigate. The weather was rapidly closing in again so I had to move fast. As I got onto the breakwater I saw one right at the end and about thirty metres off so I sped along to get started. Anchors on about half way out as three were heading my way leaping as they went. By the time I got the kit out the leaping had stopped but I did manage to get a few shots. I counted at least twelve but I fancy there could have been as many as 15-20 as they were well spread.  As Cliff arrived so did the dank drizzle but undeterred, we followed them back out to the end of the breakwater to be given a superb show as they pounced on a shoal of fish with bodies flying in all directions. Sadly the conditions made for less than perfect images but I've managed to bring out the best in a few of them but they're not up to my usual standard.

Roll on tomorrow and hopefully some better conditions. Oh! and some dolphins of course.