Thursday, 8 September 2016

An incredible hour around Fishguard Harbour!

About four o clock Faithful Hound Zorro and me went off onto the outer breakwater to see what was going to be around. Some days recently its been Dolphins some days Porpoises. You just never know but its very rarely I go there and see nothing of interest. The first thing I see is a couple of big bull grey seals, so similar they could,possibly are brothers!

There are over twenty Gannets wheeling around past Crincoid point but the strong southerly wind is trashing the sea out there and its impossible to make out what if anything is below them. I am pretty sure there's something there but life has to have a few mysteries. Beyond the far end of the breakwater  I see Gannets below the caravan site where Ken found them yesterday. I drive up and almost immediately see a lot of splashing from four perhaps five  Bottlenose Dolphins... They are really distant I wind my camera up to 130 X for a record shot, amazingly I get something!

So the gannets are moving with them ,past the old harbour and into the mouth of the parrog bay...

They are obviously chasing fish and there's lots of splashing and gannets and gulls excitedly following them, and then the surge off again. They are a bit too distant so I pop over the other side and wowee! there are porpoises close in... several were around including mothers and small calves 

All in all it was quite remarkable at one point as the porpoises were foraging just below the surface I saw some fish breaking the surface, The dolphins were also clearly finding plenty of fish from what I saw they were possibly herring. So then I pop back over to the other side to try and relocate the bottles and find them further up into the harbour than I have seen them for years. I reckon  at least five,distant again but putting on a fine show for a few people on the Red Breakwater...
A few spots of rain became a steady downpour and  I left them to it. So, both Porpoises and Bottlenose Dolphins separated by the breakwater and a mile or so  of water which could be closed in a matter of minutes. The porpoises were taking a bit of a risk especially with heir babies they were particularly vulnerable as the Bottles may well kill them if they get close enough.
The porpoise numbers are abnormally high and its probably because there has suddenly been an influx of fish . There are no easy answers to all the questions I have , I guess I will just have to keep watching them"