Thursday, 8 September 2016

Strumble Diary 08/09/2016

Well it was all happening out there today. Lots of wind, rain showers, porps dashing around, lots of passing seabirds and a helicopter evacuation off the Stena Europe. Not bad for one morning. The porps were a little eratic and when they did show were mostly dashing, splashing and being generally hard to get. Except for one that was pretending to be a dolphin and was happily breeching away as he sped through the tide race. I counted five breeches in all three of which I partially caught and one I did manage to capture mid flight. I was taken aback to see the Stena Europe doing a "U" turn off the lookout and heading off towards St Davids. Shortly after the Coastguard helicopter approached the stern and evacuated a person then sped off to the east, no doubt to a hospital. Too much excitement for one morning so as we reached high tide I thought home and a good cuppa were in order.

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