Sunday, 4 September 2016

Variety! The spice of Strumble Life

I wasn't sure what to expect today least of all a lookout spilling over with birdwatchers. Nice to see it used so well but it meant I had to park myself where I didn't obstruct their view. Thankfully it was a dry day so no problem there. Some Risso's had been seen but not by me, however, a pod of Commons showed up well out but I did manage to capture a couple of them. There were about twenty in all feeding well with about fifteen gannets above. My attention was then taken by a passing Sunfish just below the lookout. Not as common as they once were so it was a treat to be able to capture it on camera for you all to see. The porps were quiet but then it was between tides. It started to pick up a bit and shortly before the end of my session an old friend turned up with calf in tow plus another adult. It was the one with the severely damaged fin that had been recorded in Ramsey Sound in 2010 and by me several times in the past year. Since the last sighting a good few months back the calf has grown well. I will hopefully get out to the breakwater with Cliff later for some bottle action. Fingers crossed!!

Brilliant Ken!