Monday, 5 September 2016

What Ian saw from his yacht...

I was just feeding the dog when my mobile started to ring. Something of a minor miracle that I actually had it on me! "Cliff, Ian here...a whole feeding frenzy of Gannets in Fishguard  harbour mouth with a mob of Porpoises beneath them" "Great Ian on my way!"

When I got onto the Breakwater ten minutes later I found three or four Gannets swooping over some close-in porpoises. Three I thought, including a mother and calf and started snapping away.

Scanning around in between their somewhat erratic surfacings, it was clear that the feeding frenzy had dispersed and apart from my little group close in, there was another feeding situation going on off Crincoed Point with at least a dozen gannets and perhaps ten or more porpoises. By then I had been joined by Stevo, Tony and Ken. I had to go but Ken hung on and his patience was rewarded as the more distant group came closer into range. Over to you Ken!