Thursday, 20 October 2016

Porpoises in the chop...

Went out onto the Outer Breakwater with Chantelle after lunch, it was quite choppy with  a northerly wind sending waves breaking on the blocks. There were no Gannets feeding and after ten minutes of looking we could find no sign of either Dolphin or Porpoise activity.
As is often the case just as we were about to give in, a porpoise popped up close by. We then had a frustrating half hour trying to get a decent view of what was seemingly a mother and smallish calf and perhaps another adult. Better still  (not) I had brought my camera but no memory card.I borrowed one from Chantelle and managed to get a few shots of the calf which for a short time hung around one of the pot buoys whilst mother left it to forage further afield.
Both animals were surfacing in a really random manner and the female further out among waves that quite often obscured her or gave no more than the briefest glimpse through binoculars. Soon after the calf and mother moved out diagonally away from us towards  Pen Anglas so although we suspected them to be the same pair as yesterday we could not confirm it.
The weather is looking a lot calmer for Thursday so hopefully we will get a better look!