Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Better Late Than Never

A text from Anna today while I was working on my roof alerted me to porps and gannets off the breakwater and that Anna didn't have a camera with her. Unable to leave the job it had to be later when I eventually got out there. At the gate I could see gannets still circling out there so high hopes of a porp or two. By the time I got to the end the last gannet was just settling down on the water and not a porp to be seen. I waited though and it paid off when 45 mins later a mother and calf came in from Pen Anglas direction. Was it the one's that Anna and Chantelle had seen earlier though as that adult had distinctive fin markings. Well on first glance it seemed so and this was confirmed when I checked the image on the back of the camera. It looks as if it was none other than the one first recorded in 2010 in Ramsey Sound and again by me a few times at Strumble. First time I've seen it up close though and I hope it does indeed turn out to be that one. Over to Chantelle for final ID.