Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Strumble Diary 07/12/2016

High winds, low cloud, occasional rain deteriorating as the morning went by and choppy seas. Just the sort of day no sensible person would venture to Strumble. Then again the Sea Trust crew don't always do sensible. I arrived there about 9.35 ish and first look through the binos produced a single porp. That was it for nearly an hour but as the two tides met a bit more action happened. In all I would estimate that I saw close on forty animals passing through east to west with only a few traversing the tide race or stopping off to forage. As I was about to leave Cliff, Chantelle and Theresa arrived to do a count so I stayed to lend an extra pair of eyes. The count was very low as was to be expected at the stage of and slowness of the tide but it's still valuable data all the same. We all left after the count was complete. Due to the conditions the images today are not of a high quality but serve as a record nonetheless.

Photobombed by a Greater Blackback Gull.

Sometimes this is all you see. 4 inches of fin at a quarter mile.