Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We got jellies Baby!

Our Click Count at Strumble yesterday was hampered by a view restricted by murky weather conditions and a a strong SE wind kicking up the outer area that was visible. 
Add to that a fishing boat re-locating its pots in the area we regard as the hot spot and it was a bit early in the tidal cycle might account for the count was way down on the big counts of earlier in the month. However we still probably saw more porpoises in the hour than anyone else in the UK!
None the less 
The stars of the show were a couple of large Rhizostoma Pulmo, or to give them their common name "Barrel Jellyfish" which were spotted by Chantelle close in to the cliffs below us. The larger of the two looked to be about half a metre in diameter. 

Last week one was washed up on the beach at Goodwick which was found by  Sea Trust Volunteer Adrian and his dog Bella, rather a nice size comparison!