Friday, 20 January 2017

Sea Trust Stena survey, continued.


Our team did pretty well although it seems the weather at the southern end of the Irish sea was not as calm as the weather forecast predicted with sea states up to 3-4. Porpoises were sighted on the outward survey before it got dark and three pods of Common Dolphin were sighted on the return trip including a large pod of 50-60+. Another pod of unidentified distant dolphins may have been Risso's but unfortunately have to go down in the archive as unidentified. Also missing from the official figures was the resident Bottlenose Dolphin seen by the team off the Rosslare harbour mouth just before the ship left port. So three species (perhaps four) seen but only two make it to the official score sheet! 
There's scientific rigour in practice! Again, we have to thank Stena Line and their employees both onshore and aboard the Stena Europe, We could not do it without your support!