Saturday, 21 January 2017

From Andrew and Ruth Crowder..

Andrew Crowder

11:21 (42 minutes ago)
to me
Friday, 20th
Hi Cliff,
We took a visit to Strumble for the spectacular sunset yesterday. Although it was around slack tide, there were 3 porpoises feeding off the lighthouse. A pair who associated together throughout and a noticeably larger individual who kept to (? )himself.
Andrew & Ruth

Thanks for this Andrew and Ruth,  apparently females are larger than males but generally speaking not that noticeably at distance... possibly two juveniles + adult? 

Hi Cliff, 
Yes possibly. Have to admit I've never noticed size difference when I've been watching apparent adults. The pair were the same size but the size difference with the other was noticeable. Ruth also remarked on it without me mentioning it. Water was calm and light was good so I don't think there was any atmospheric effect. Just an observation.