Monday, 23 January 2017

Strumble Diary 23/01/2017

Hi Folks,
First chance to get out to Strumble in quite a while and thankfully those dreadful east - northeast winds have moved on. There were a good number of porps showing despite the slow tide with feeding going on all across the tide race. They stayed quite distant but it still makes for a good record for the data set with some twenty to thirty animals showing through the session. Cliff and the team arrived soon after myself, accompanied by a small team from BBC "Wales Today" who were there to do a piece on Sea Trust's conservation efforts. A bit of filming and a couple of interviews with Cliff and myself  allowed us to press home the case for the Strumble SAC. It should be going out on TV this week probably Wednesday or later so do keep an eye out for it.   Cliff  has also added some info below too. Hope you all had a great new year and I look forward to posting more for you all to see as the year goes on.

Ken B.

Nice Ken! and you had it all set up nicely ready for us just to turn up and enjoy the spectacle of loads of Porpoises! A nice mother and calf was a bonus.You really wowed presenter David Grundy and impressed Cameraman Dave Owen. This wood mouse was also listening quite intently!

I really enjoyed the fact that David was clearly enjoying watching the porpoises. 

We also filmed aboard the Stena Europe, many thanks to Captain Richard Davies and Carl Milne as well as the security staff and all our mates aboard and at the port for their help and support!