Thursday, 9 March 2017

Strumble Diary 09/03/2017

I managed to get two sessions in today given the times of the tides. The first was 08.45 to 10.20 on the last throws of the ebb tide. Action was slow with only a few animals seen off to the west at a distance and one off Mackerel Point. The afternoon session started at 13.15 coming off the slack water at the start of the small flood tide with the action being very slow to start. Rens and Laura were there when I arrived with Cliff in the company of Dave from Aberystwyth and Allan from Abercastle joining in at around 13.40. It was an hour or so in before any meaningful action started with several animals showing up over the next half hour or so. Cliff had to leave and I stayed for a further 20 minutes or so before ending the session at around 15.45.