Sunday, 23 April 2017

Strumble Diary 23/04/2017 Part 1

I'm calling this part 1 as I hope to get another session in later today. The aim of this mornings session was to see if the ebb tide is producing as many porps as what we've been having on the flood tides this past week and I wasn't disappointed. As I walked from the car to the lookout several porps were feeding in front of the lookout when one of them did the highest breech I've seen from a porpoise almost loosing momentum in mid air and belly flopping with a huge splash. Wish I'd caught that on camera. The ebb flow was well underway and a look out to the west revealed twenty or more porps feeding vigourously in the tide race. I caught the tail end of two further breeches but at a distance. The closer porps eventually moved west too leaving one which hung around quite close in for a further twenty minutes or so. Session started at 08.45 and ceased at 10.30.