Saturday, 8 April 2017

Strumble Diary April 8th...Another porp-fest for team Sea Trust.

Ken must have a thousand images or more to go through tonight. I had only 224, so will get a few out for a taster before the main course! Ken took Brad with the new Cool-pix  to get a bit of practice. Laura Rens and myself followed an hour or so later. As I drove up Rens and Laura were spotting gannets and porpoises and we rushed down to join Ken and Brad who were snapping away as porp's popped up all over the place,

There may be better ways of spending time than sitting in the sun on Strumble Head photographing Porpoises with a group of friends but it was pretty much as good as it gets this afternoon!

This last shot  (below), was of a gannet literally taking a fish of the porpoises nose!

Over to you Ken!