Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Strumble Diary: Easter Porpoise Watch/ 2017, "Year of the Porpoise".

Thanks for the pic's Ken, as usual your contribution along with the rest of team Sea Trust made the event informative and enjoyable. Well done Brad, Anna, Rens, Laura and Chantelle .
Although the porpoises showed, they were not easy and it says a lot for our team that with their help just about everyone got onto them. In fact we managed to do two five minute click counts that produced scores of 18 and 9 sightings respectively.
Our painted egg rolling event  was won by new Sea Trust volunteer Anna's son Jack, (Thanks for providing extra eggs for everyone Anna)
We also started a petition for special protection for our Strumble porpoises above and beyond the rather meaningless proposed SAC blanket  designation that JNCC and Natural Resources Wales have proposed. This after 20 years of inactivity on their part appears to be a poorly conceived  knee jerk reaction to the European Commissioners threat to prosecute for their failure.
We have provided them NRW/JNCC with solid empiracle evidence that should have allowed them to nominate the Strumble Tidal system as a much more meaningful discrete Special Area of Conservation based on the guidelines of: Year round activity by larger than average numbers, proof of foraging, breeding and calves.
Hundreds of people who follow this blog every week and our Strumble Diary, with Kens incredible images  must be scratching their heads wondering what is going on and why they refuse to engage with us....