Monday, 22 May 2017

Bottle and Strumble Triple Bonus

Following on from this morning then and I did get to the breakwater after a call from Cliff to advise of five bottles moving around. By the time I got there though four had moved off and the last one also left shortly after I arrived. I managed enough shots to recognise it as Notchy of Notchy & Scratch fame a mother and calf we have seen before. Another visit to Strumble with Cliff and a couple of volunteers hoping to catch some action on the rising tide.
      As we arrived the tide race was forming and one or two porps were showing at a distance. A group of students from the University of South Wales gathered in front of the lookout and coincidentaly were there to study cetaceans also. They were joined by Cliffs old friend Powell from Pembs College and we all did click counts for an hour or so. Powell invited Cliff and myself to give an impromptu talk which we were pleased to do. The porp action was fast and furious with lots of animals out in the tide race feeding and showing well. I thought yesterday was good as it deliverd two previously seen animals but today was even better. Not two but three distinctive fins, two of which I've caught before and one new one as far as I can tell. As an extra bonus one of them had a young calf too. As you can imagine this entry is dedicated to them but many more were seen. The quality is not the best due to the poor light at times but it's the detail we're after and sometimes we have to sacrifice quality for the data these shots provide.

New Animal for the ID project.