Monday, 22 May 2017

More Bottles this morning... Strumble Diary ... Porpoise soup this afternoon

Had a smashing morning with Anna, Helena, Hanika and Gonzalo watching Bottlenose Dolphins up close and personal on the Outer Breakwater Fishguard Harbour. This afternoon we went to Strumble and met up with Powell Strong and a group from South Wales University who were there to do some porpoise watching They were in luck the porpoises were putting on a show,

Powell invited us to tell the students about our work and Ken explained about our photo ID work. They were a great bunch of young women and men who seemed interested in what we had to say even though it was warm  and sunny and they had got up at 5 am to travel here!

We also met their lecturer Tim who is running the course and we talked about ways we could work together which could be good fun and quite interesting!
Over to Ken for some very interesting pic's...