Monday, 8 May 2017

Rens, me and his parents went on the Stena Line ferry yesterday. The weather was beautiful, with sea state 1, perfect conditions to do a ferry survey.

We were passing Strumble Head when we saw 2 porpoises, we were looking if they would come closer, when suddenly we saw them right underneath us through the water. We were looking at them, when suddenly a hooked fin came right above the porpoises... Minke Whale!!!!
Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, cause it just popped up once.
I was in shock for about 15 minutes, and then decided I should ask the captain if I could make a call to Sea Trust, cause maybe they would spot it again around the Breakwater or Strumble Head. (This morning I saw a video from fishermen in Pembrokeshire that saw a Minke Whale of Cardigan, pretty sure it was the same one).

The trip continued and we saw the regular porpoises and two pods of Common dolphins in the distance.

Once we entered the harbour of Rosslare, the resident Bottlenose dolphin was waiting for us to say hi. 4 Species in 3 hours, not bad!

After dinner we went back on the bridge, when in the corner of my eye I spotted the Bottlenose dolphin, I went to the other side together with Rens and his dad. When we looked closer, we saw that the dolphin was playing with buoys, he was pulling them under and came up again, amazing to see!

I just told Rens: '' It looks like Bottlenose dolphins don't really jump out of the water like Common dolphins''. When suddenly the Irish Ferry came past and the Bottlenose dolphin swam towards it and jumped out of the water in front of it! It was swimming along and jumping regularly! Amazing!

Laura and Rens