Thursday, 15 June 2017

Strumble Diary 15/06/2017

Firstly, I have added another image to the white porpoise post of yesterday. It's the first image in the set now. As you can imagine it wasn't just the white porpoise I shot yesterday so I'm combining some of the other shots with today's captures. Of note is the capture three days running of the very small calf with yesterday's shot showing it with it's mother. Today it was merrily swimming away in quite big swells just in front of the lookout whilst it's mother was off foraging. I did see the mother return for it but in the large swells I failed to get a shot of them together.  On processing I have found that one of the captured porps has a fin tear and may be a returner with calf.

Mother with small calf.    

Possible returner, not a good angle.

Baby surfy dude.