Sunday, 9 July 2017

Stephen Lucas

14:09 (8 minutes ago)
to me
Friday 7th July

Joel and I went to Strumble Head at 10 am-ish. We saw a single Harbour
Porpoise feeding with the gannets on the ebbing tide the sea
conditions was flat calm not a ripple on the sea
We went there with Holly and Maddie this morning (Sunday) and did a click count. The tide was in the last hour of ebb but we could see porpoises feeding distantly under a mob of gannets and gulls out to the west. Difficult to estimate numbers, but I would have thought between fifteen and  twenty.

Thanks for the latest report Sash, We have never found St Brides to be particularly productive as compared with the other locations but yep surprised nothing around Ramsey or Bishops and Clerks!