Sunday, 9 July 2017

Will They Never Learn

A lovely evening with good light and a trip to the breakwater to see if there were any bottles about. I saw Curly half way out and he said he'd not seen any all day, but as he was speaking he spotted some just coming into the harbour mouth. Off I went and was looking forward to some playful action. As I arrived at the end so did a pleasure boat and the bottles turned and the boat gave chase. What should and could have been an exciting encounter for all concerned quickly turned to me monitoring proceedings and getting more and more annoyed at them. This went on for at least twenty minutes and by this time they had pushed the bottles two thirds of the way to Dinas Hd. One of the animals is obviously a calf.  Little did they know that they had most probably separated a single dolphin from the group which was moving around in front of us before moving off and heading out of the bay. I managed to get a couple of shots of it before it left. We have the name of the boat and video. The penalties for harassing Dolphins can be a substantial fine or /and a jail sentence. We would rather educate than prosecute if anyone knows the owners of this vessel perhaps they could ask them to come to the Ocean Lab where we can discuss the matter.