Monday, 10 July 2017

The Walrus and the Dolphins

This afternoon at Strumble was very quiet with a very strong ebb tide against a stiffening breeze. Swells were choppy and sightings few and far between. Alas no images of porps for my new lens to capture but I did catch the walrus doing what he does best imparting years of accumulated knowledge to a willing audience. His company were volunteer Anna, Holly who joined us this week and three new interns who are with us for the next two months.

Later in the evening a call from Cliff had me reaching for the camera as word had come in of bottlenose soup off the breakwater. By the time we got out there the best portion had been served and the rest was rather thin with just an adult female with calf making the most of the late tide foraging off the harbour mouth. We stayed a short while and left them to it.