Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Phew they're back!

I arrived on the breakwater this evening at around six with Freddie and Zorro not really expecting much. A brisk westerly wind was chopping the water in the harbour mouth when I saw something suspiciously like a fin in the chop.

 I popped back for the camera and to my joy i recognised a fin with a notch at its base It made its way into the harbour mouth and then I spotted another mother and calf pair further into the harbour.
Their movements were random and they all seemed to be acting cagey it was hard to work out where the action was going to happen. Lots of splashy stuff was going on

There were interactions going on though  it did not look like friendly interaction...

 Its not easy to keep a track of whats going on through the narrow view through the lens. Yet again it was hard to keep track of numbers initially I thought three but more likely it was at least six .
either way they put on a spectacular show!