Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wrong! what we witnessed was a birth of a baby bottle!

Mulling the events of last evening over I am pretty sure that what we witnessed was a female bottlenose dolphin in the act of giving birth along with at least one other helper!

It was obvious that something unusual was going on but with several dolphins spread over a wide area it was not easy to keep track of what was actually going on. I was lucky enough to have my camera pointed in the right direction to snap a juvenile breach.  

Three or four gannets had followed the dolphins into the harbour and seemed  as confused as I was, especially as Freddie was also excitedly pointing as the dolphins surfaced quite randomly. 

Soon after there was some prolonged splashing about 400 metres out from us so I kept snapping away although at that distance it was difficult to ascertain what was happening.
I thought I saw a glimpse of a head spy-hopping.

Time was getting on and we needed to do some shopping so regretfully we left them and made our way off the breakwater. Something had been going on but what?
It took a while before we got home and when I downloaded my images for processing, I had nearly four hundred! It takes quite a lot of time and concentration discarding duds and cropping or enhancing others, most i deleted.
I was knackered by the time i posted some of the better shots just before going to bed. As I lay there mulling over what we had witnessed a it suddenly dawned on me, what we witnessed was the a birth of a baby bottle!...