Saturday, 6 January 2018

Strumble Diary 06/01/2018

Another day it was and the NE wind certainly stirred things up a bit over sea and land. With little or no shelter inside the lookout from this direction of wind and with very turbulent swells out in the tide race I joined Derek from Clarbeston Road who was there when I arrived. Both well wrapped up we settled into the session knowing it was going to be a challenge spotting porps in these conditions. As we waited a kestrel made several passes as it hunted along the cliffs for it's next meal. As the ebb flow built we spotted a couple of porps out in the rough water to the NE. The sightings increased as time went by and they were getting closer. Derek left around 2pm and I continued and was later joined by Emma, Heather and George from Llangolman who had popped out for Heather to try out her new 10 x 50's. I guided them on to some close in porps and we watched the last of the action before things died off completely. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Heather at Strumble as she has a keen interest as well as those new binos. Lovely to see you all too. Shortly after they departed I decided it was time to go too so at around 15.10pm I called it a day, folded the tripod and made my way home.