Friday, 5 January 2018

Tomorrow is Another Day

I had a late afternoon visit to Strumble today, more to get some fresh air than anything else but always on the lookout for porpoise etc. Well the sun was going down and there was nowhere near enough light for the long lens so I had to just look to see if there was anything there. The tide was still ebbing strongly and true to form for this time of the tide there were several porpoise visible in the twilight off the lighthouse feeding right up to darkness I suspect. Not to waste the journey and as a sort of interlude until the next batch of cetacean shots I have taken a few images of my favourite haunt to keep you entertained. If by any chance you have the time and fancy some fresh air tomorrow I intend to be at the lookout between 11am and approx 3pm to catch the ebb tide and whatever it may bring. Just dress warm as there will be a keen NE wind and even bring a hot flask to help with the staying power if you wish.

PS. Don't forget your Binoculars.