Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Strumble Diary 13/02/2018

The tides were right today for two sessions. The morning session was not productive at all and with very grey skies and seas like a turbo charged washing machine it all but impossible to capture anything and with one confirmed snd two possible sightings it was (excuse the pun) a washout.  The afternoon session by comparison was perfect. Blue skies, lighter winds and at the start at least smaller swells.
   As the tide race formed and started pushing up from the west so the overfalls increased in height and soon the porps were pushing through like pro surfers. With the swells now up to around ten feet high things were hotting up and it took all my experience to sight and follow them as they sped through. On one occasion I was trying to lock onto a distant porp when my eye was taken by a large fin closer in. It turned out to be a Common Dolphin moving very rapidly from my right to left toward the lighthouse. I have never seen anything move that fast through the rushing tide before and if not for two gulls following above I could not have tracked it let alone get any shots. Luckily I did though and as you can imagine that made my day.
    I normally crop right into the images to bring the detail of the porpoises a bit closer to you the viewer but for the last image I've only cropped slightly to give you an idea of what these small cetaceans look like as they navigate their way through these ten foot swells.
   It was also nice to see one of our regular marked porps and if my memory serves me right this is the one that was first recorded in 2010 at Ramsey sound so a good record to see it again this year.