Thursday, 10 May 2018

Wow... porpoise soup and Countryfile...

Someone up there must love the BBC Countryfile programme, as not only did the sun shine brightly at Strumble today, but the Porpoises turned up in force as well! This, with the low tide which is usually the kiss of death for our porpoise action at Strumble! And yet there were Gannets,gulls and porpoises spread out in  frenzied feeding groups over at least a couple of miles of sea.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks, Phil Lees (above left) had asked us to come along for the filming, but not sure what he did to get the porpoises there in record numbers!  Holly and Ken were clicking away like crazy as porpoises showed all over the place.

It seemed Holly clicked with presenter Sean Fletcher as well!

No Brad, snap the porps not the peeps!

TV star Phil!

Team Sea Trust:Ken Holly Brad and Gita!

So Ken over to you for the porp's...It might take some time with probably more than four hundred images to sort through!