Monday, 9 July 2018

A Day of Two Halves

Yesterday's Pelagic was a day of two halves - mirror calm for most of the morning with plenty of action then, with a breeze blowing up and a slight chop on the water, a long quiet spell in the afternoon until the Minke appeared!

All the Dolphins we saw were in the morning/very early afternoon before we headed out to The Smalls and the Celtic Deep. We encountered 5 or so pods all with young calfs and they were not doing a lot of leaping about so photography was a bit of a challenge. The incredibly calm, clear water did, however, enable some nice shots of them underwater as they cruised around the boat.

As Cliff says in his posting below the Minke was also a bit of a challenge but I managed some decent record shots. Click here for a link to a gallery of my efforts for the day.

Many thanks, as ever, to Cliff and Seatrust for arranging the trip and to Skipper Andy Rickard for a safe, comfortable ride.