Sunday, 8 July 2018

Different Sunday, different weather, different dolphins and a Minke!

Last Sunday we had a bit of rain and some Bottlenose Dolphins. Today the sun shone bright and strong we were out on the Cartlett Lady! We motored out to Skomer to see a few Puffins and Sea Birds before heading out west towards Grassholm gathering up a few porpoises on the way as the sea calmed down to glass.

there were so many great photographers aboard I decided to just enjoy the several pods of Dolphins as Cassie Rickard (Andrew our skippers daughter) who is studying Biology at Southampton Uni' volunteered to record the data!

 I only got one shot of the dolphins, but I did better with the Minke Whale that we found on the way back which ran alongside us at ten knots for at least half a mile appearing  randomly sometimes nearer or further making the photography far from easy! I got a head shot which may not be brilliant, but I was pretty happy with it...shot from the hip! 

Hopefully our ace  photographers will supply some better pic's!