Sunday, 1 July 2018

A picnic in the rain watching bottles!

The bottles have been a bit erratic so far this summer although thats partly because we have missed them when they were there! Paula Murrow had a couple the other night and we have had other reports from Tony Lucas et al.
So anyhow it was my turn to entertain some friends so I suggested we had a Dolphin Watch/picnic on the breakwater this afternoon...
So we met up at 3 and went onto the breakwater and as we arrived Flora spotted them!

The anglers told me they had been there most of the day! but as we watched rgem the first spots of rain began to fall! It was quite pleasant after so many hot days and we watched them interacting and breaching giving us a spectacular show!


It seemed to make some people quite happy!Dolphins do that!

The tide ebbed and the dolphins went off to the North so we sat in the rain happily enjoying our good luck and some nice cakes!

As they now seem to be a bit more reliable we will start to give people a chance to see them! Thanks to Carl Milne of Stena for allowing us to do so!