Friday, 28 September 2018

Cartlet Lady Trip 27/09/2018

Driving down to Neyland it was fog all the way but thankfully as we prepared to leave the marina the fog opened up to reveal a clear blue sky. Off we went then and it was well into the first hour before we spotted our first commons of the day. A small group of around ten animals including a few calves. A long gap then to the next sighting which certainly made up for the wait. we were surrounded by between 150-200 commons which we tracked for the best part of an hour allowing for Lloyd (sea trust) and Lloyd Jones to enter the water to swim with and film the dolphins. The water was clouded with plankton but hopefully some useful footage was obtained. A strange happening during this encounter was that a group of some twenty or so animals happily playing off the bow suddenly shot off at full speed as if spooked or perhaps in chase of prey. Whatever the reason it was quite spectacular as they were airborne more than in the water. See images 14,15 & 16.
  On we went again encountering several more groups of dolphin before we got our first whale sighting. Skipper Andy and myself both spotted the unmistakable blow of a large Fin Whale at some distance but moving very fast so he headed in it's direction. Then a Minke whale was spotted followed shortly after by another. All of a sudden it was hard to know which way to look. The fin whale surfaced again some fifteen minutes after the first and being so distant it was impossible to get a lock on it given the sway on the lens as the boat pitched along. Believe me it wasn't for the lack of trying and I was very disappointed not to have caught it in the lens. I did get a shot or two of one of the Minke whales (images 4&5) though so some consolation. A steady course back to the Haven with a couple more commons sightings and all too soon it was time to pack the gear away after another excellent trip to the deeps.

Thanks to Andy and son Jordan for their time and hopefully if the weather plays along maybe one or two more trips before the old lady has her winter rest.