Thursday, 4 October 2018

Strumble Diary 2-3/10/2018

A belated dual entry today for the 2nd & 3rd due to other commitments. Both sessions were hampered by fairly poor light so not as many images as usual and not my prefered quality either. However I did manage to get a marked porpoise on the 2nd which I'm sure will please Holly for the ID project. The porpoise were very late coming into the tide race but once they did they were there in good numbers but in the heavy swells they were not easily seen. Also on that day a single sighting of a lone Rissos Dolphin but I didn't manage to catch it on camera.
   To yesterday the 3rd then and again a dull overcast sky kept the light levels way below what I would have liked. Several porpoise throughout the session with the added bonus of 12-15 commons though distant at first but after I left did come closer Holly informed me. Here's hoping for brighter conditions for the next outing.