Thursday, 3 January 2019

Strumble Diary 03/01/2019

After the fine gathering of New Years Day it was back to normal today with just myself and Leo holding the fort until Sea Trust gets back into full swing. I picked the bottom of the dropping tide in the hopes of seeing the Rissos again and I wasn't disappointed. As I parked above the lookout I could see the distant fin of a Rissos up to the NE and still a porp or two foraging in what was left of the tide race. Off we went and set up the gear and between shooting the porpoise I was following the track of the Rissos. They turned and started heading back toward Strumble and spent a little time milling around and logging together hardly moving about a half mile out. Steadily more joined together and as they made their way back west they formed two distinctive groups which allowed me to get an accurate number count there being twelve in total, six in each group with at least one calf and a couple of juveniles.  The light was once again quite poor and I'm longing for some sunshine and the chance of some better images of them. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.