Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Strumble Diary 09/01/2019

At last!!!  Some sunshine. What a joy it was today to see sunshine over the water at Strumble. The wind from the north was lighter than yesterday but still high enough to stir up some white tops offshore. With low tide at 15:40 it was an early start at 10am so as to catch the start of the ebb flow, and indeed it was in the hour or two following that most of the action took place. Shortly before midday I was joined by Holly, Sophie, Ben, new volunteer Meg and a bit later by Amy. It was lovely to welcome Meg and along with Holly and Sophie to introduce her to all things related to our work at Strumble.
The porpoise were mainly sighted to the west of the lookout with the odd one a bit further out to the NW. In the main sightings were brief due to the sloppyness of the swells but at least they were there. Late on in the session we had three very brief sightings of Rissos Dolphins, no photos I'm afraid but good to know they are still around. Holly and the others left just after 1pm to go to the north breakwater and I finished my session around 1.30pm