Monday, 14 January 2019

Strumble diary 14/01/2019

Firstly a big well done to the team that went to Ramsey sound (see previous post) and especially to Will for that excellent smiley face shot. I know how hard it is to catch a shot like that so kudos to him. A great survey and more good data for the project.

Now to Strumble today. The tide was flooding and I got there about an hour and thirty before high water. Conditions were difficult to say the least with a very turbulent tide race and low light levels. I spotted several porps but sightings were very brief. Holly, Adam and Fran arrived shortly after and with more eyes on the water the sightings really picked up. It soon became evident that there were several groups of porpoise feeding right across our view either beyond, in, or our side of the tide race.  With so much turbulence and porpoise moving in all directions it was almost impossible to get accurate numbers but in excess of thirty wouldn't be far off in my opinion. As the tide topped off and the ebb movement started the action died off so we decided to call it a day around 13.30pm.