Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Strumble Diary 15/01/2019

With the wind swung around to the west and the tides moving toward neaps the tide race at Strumble today was a quite weak affair. The porpoise however didn't seem to mind and were there again in good numbers. I observed a few large groups of 8+ animals all moving through against the tide but all staying quite distant.  It's notable that when they move in such groups there seems to be an element of excitement with a lot more breaches than we would normally see. Whether they sense that spring is in the air I don't know but some of them certainly were. The session was interspersed with patches of drizzle which has made some of the images not as clear as usual but we have to take what we get I suppose. I started the session at 11:30 and finished at 13:15 just before high water.