Friday, 18 January 2019

Strumble Diary 17/01/2019

An improvement over recent weather today with longer periods of sunshine but a strong northerly wind made conditions for spotting very challenging. We often say that conditions were washing machine like and with wind against tide and the wind driving waves parallel to the lookout the sea was very confused indeed. The porpoise whilst there were really not showing well and the words needle and haystack come to mind. The first image today is a wider view than normal to demonstrate that point. There is a porpoise in there but this was typical of the sightings with them being very brief and in the confused sea. The second image is a crop to bring out the porpoise and even then it's just a fin in the spray.
  Thankfully as the afternoon wore on the wind dropped a little and more and more porpoise came in to feed. I stopped counting after thirty sightings so the numbers were quite high. Getting shots still remained a challenge but thankfully some of them did come into slightly calmer water and stayed at the surface long enough for me to get some record shots at least.