Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Strumble Diary 06/08/2019

A rising tide this morning and good light at first so the session started well. The tide race was forming just as we arrived and shortly after the porpoise came in to feed. A good number over the first hour or so with around twenty sightings along a good length of the race. A passing band of drizzle dampened things for a while but soon the blue skies returned just in time to welcome Holly and the Tuesday gang. We were joined by a young girl and her grandparents from Poole who is one of our adopt a porpoise supporters. It was lovely to give them a talk on the goings on at Strumble and then to help her see the porpoise for herself. As the race dropped away we watched the last of the porpoises having their last few fish before the currents died down and they eventually moved off. All in all a good session with upward of thirty animals two of which were marked and re-sightings so an update for the catalogue as well.