Saturday, 10 August 2019

Strumble Diary 10-08-2019

With the wind whipping up the swells to far greater heights than yesterday I knew it was going to be more of a challenge both spotting and capturing the porpoise today, and to be honest after such a superb day yesterday it was almost certain today would be much less exciting. Certainly the numbers were well down and sightings slow to start. When we did start seeing them it was a bit of fin here, a splash there and occasionally a brief sighting within the norm. A frustrating first hour as shot after shot showed little more than just a hint of a porpoise in the swells. Thankfully things did improve with them starting to present better allowing for some reasonable shots. Strangely though as yesterday there were breaching porpoise roughly in the same ratio ie, well over half the numbers seen were breaching. It was capturing them that proved the problem in the increased swells. A small seal brought up an octopus some three hundred metres out which added a bit of relief from the eye strain of constantly trying to track the porpoise.