Friday, 9 August 2019

Strumble Diary 09/08/2019 A Day to Remember

Well I have to say that today has had to be the most exciting and productive porpoise session that I have had in many years. Almost as soon as we had set up we were seeing porpoise coming in to feed and this was before the tide race had formed. As it did form more and more came in and over the next three hours the action was relentless. Wave after wave of porpoise coming through at speed but more surprisingly was the manner in which they were swimming. Breach after breach as seemingly they all wanted to be airborne. We estimate there were over eighty sightings and as far as breaches go we lost count after fifty or so. A truly amazing session and I doubt there will be another like it for quite a while. Late in the session Cliff and Fran arrived and even Cliff with all his years experience was surprised at the almost continual breaching from all the different porpoise as they sped through. As the light started to fade the porpoise numbers started to drop away but even as I packed up there were still some passing to the west. As for the main reason we were there, we spotted three marked porpoise for the fin ID project one of which I think is a new catch.