Friday, 6 September 2019

Breakwater Porpoise

A busy day today so only time for a late afternoon trip to the breakwater. Always hopeful of seeing the bottlenose dolphins but alas they are not so frequent visitors this summer. There were a few gannets around so I amused myself shooting these and the young razorbills that were busy feeding a short way off the blocks.  My patience paid off as I spotted the telltale fin of a porpoise some thirty yards out. As happened with Cliff yesterday it was proving very hard to track and only showing very briefly. I was not going to let it get the better of me though and I used all my guile and knowledge to get the shots I wanted. It led me a merry dance, seeming to turn on a sixpence and speed off after prey. It had me confused but I wasn't going to give in. With several shots now in the bag and with a smug feeling inside I thought "Ken one - Porpoise nil" and off I went home. It wasn't until I worked the images in preparation for this posting that I realised it wasn't one but three porpoises I'd captured and each marked with fin notches. No wonder I felt I was being led a merry dance, but now I feel excited to have seen three and all had distinguishing marks "RESULT"  Enjoy the images.