Friday, 6 September 2019

Late Porpoises off the breakwater

Decided to pay the Green Breakwater (Fishguard Harbour) a late visit after work.. Northerly winds had created a rough sea over the past couple of days but the area within the immediate area off the breakwater and up to Crincoed Point was relatively calm.
There were several gannets feeding off the point and I could make out  occasional flashes as the sun shone off the backs of surfacing porpoise in the edge of the rough and calmer waters. The tide was ebbing which is generally when cetaceans move into the harbour mouth to take advantage of fish coming out of the harbour.
True to form, we spotted a couple of porpoises moving in from the point, seemingly followed by another although the surfacings were sporadic and hard to follow. What seemed to be a mother and a calf made their way into the harbour mouth but remained hard to spot and fairly distant. What seemed to be a third animal came charging in as if in pursuit. All went quiet for a minute and then the mother and calf were seen moving away back from where they came with the third animal seemingly chasing them. Presumably it was a male in the hope of mating with the female that appeared not to be interested.
A lot of  "seemingly", "seemed", "presumably" conjecture in all this and little in the way of photographic evidence to back it up,but that's usually the way with these intriguing little animals and their bigger cousins!
Male in pursuit?