Tuesday, 10 September 2019

From Andrew/Cartlett Lady

Andrew Rickard

10:05 (29 minutes ago)
Jordan had promised, for ages ,a trip out for his group of mates  from Sheffield uni 
they all arrived in Pemb's on Friday  
with great excitement and high expectations the weather calmed, so of we went! The sun shone as we passed sheep island and headed south 
Our first sighting was close to the turbot bank 6 or 8 adults slowly foraging
some investigated us the rest carried on with their day.
next encounter was more energetic 20 adults 2 young calves bowrode for a while and as we ploughed slowly on they were replaced with more groups of 8 or 10   with  1 or 2 young in each pod .
this was  the pattern for the next 2 hours, around 300 commons bowriding or seen within 100 m of us in groups of 10 or 20 most groups had young say one in ten 
not many fin identification pictures were taken but plenty of selfies  
at around 15 miles south with Lundy in full view as  we readied to turn back  a Minke popped up, dead ahead 200 m away, we hung around  but the Minke  had other ideas 

birds seen 3 young  flightless gannets
one great skua
plenty of shearwaters and some feeding gannets  
so thanks  to Jordan and Cassie ,  Jemmima Ken and the Sheffield Uni' mountain bikes