Sunday, 8 September 2019

Strumble Diary 08/09/2019 (Me Too)

Thanks Cliff for the previous post. Yes I was there too and Spotted the commons as they came down from Cardigan Bay and passed at nearly a mile out. The seas were very calm today which meant we could see for a great distance and anything moving was instantly visible. There were also porpoise showing on all points of the compass mostly at distances that would have made them unseen had seas been higher. Small tides at present means the tide race hardly forms and does not last long so there were no porpoise in really close but it was good to see the numbers that were out there. Twenty minutes or so after Rachel and Lorraine had left a second group of around eight Commons passed through east to west with only distant porpoise showing for the rest of the session. I had a good sighting of a Chough just below the lookout and also a passing buzzard.